Wild Canine


This is a continuous process. We will be adding articles, so keep checking back for new information on wild canines. This will be a great resource for you on all things canid.

coyote howling

Wild Canine Video Library

1. Wolves Help Aspen Trees Grow




2. Lords of Nature


3. Return of the European Wolf


4. A Wolf Called Storm


5. The Sea Wolves of Chernobyl


6. Yellowstone Devil Dog


7. Dingo Wild Dog at War


8. Wild Dog Packs of the Indian Forest


9. Solo: Wild Dog


10. Hidden Secrets of Wild Indian Dogs


11. Terrifying Wolf Bites Steve


12. The Dire Wolf




14. Wolf Battlefield


15. Wolf Dog Fatal Attack


16. Living with Wolves


17. Cry of the Wolf


18. Yellowstone Devil Dog


19. Gray Wolf Hunting in the Wild


20. Wolf Pack


21. Valley of the Wolf


22. The Rise of Black Wolf