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Vulpes macrotis

Fennec Fox

The Kit Fox inhabits the deserts and arid lands of western North America. It is found from southern California to western Colorado and western Texas, north into southern Oregon and Idaho, the Baja California Peninsula, northern Sonora and Chihuahua to western Nuevo León, and south into northern Zacatecas. The San Joaquin Kit Fox is endangered.

The Kit Fox inhabits arid and semi-arid regions, perferably with sparce ground cover. It has a yellowish to gray coat with a black tip to its tail. It has dark patches around the nose. Kit Foxes pair during October and November and breed in December and January . Typical litter size averages about 4 and ranges from 1-9. Annual reproductive success is strongly influenced by food availability. Kit Foxes mate for life and are primarily monogamous with occasional instances of polygyny. Females from earlier litters may assist with raising the current year’s litter

There are either five or eight subspecies of Kit foxes depending on the differing authorites. These include V. m. nevadensis, V. m. mutica, V. m. arsipus, V. m. devia, V. m. macrotis, V. m. neomexicana, V. m. tenuirostris, V. m. zinseri. The kit fox is considered Vulnerable in Mexico. The San Joaquin kit fox (V. m. mutica) is federally classified as Endangered. In Oregon, the kit fox is classified as Endangered. Subspecific designations for Kit Foxes are not fully resolved. Kit Foxes in the San Joaquin Valley of California likely warrant subspecific designation, V. m. mutica, due to geographic isolation, and that all other Kit Foxes might be included within a second subspecies, V. m. macrotis

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Golden Jackal and Frogkit fox

kit fox

kit fox

Golden Jackal and Hyena

Vulpes macrotis


Habitat: Arid areas with sparce vegetation

Carnivorus to Omnivore


Mating Season: December to February

3-6 Pounds

Produces 1-9 kits

Lifespan: 5-12 years

Nevada Kit FoxNevada Kit Fox (Vulpes macrotis nevadensis) Threatened

San Joaquin Kit Fox

San Joaquin Kit Fox (Vulpes macrotis mutica) Endangered

Desert Kit FoxDesert Kit Fox (Vulpes macrotis arsipus) Threatened