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Husky Blue Eyes

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Eye orbital tumor dog

Eye Orbital Tumor



Eye orbital tumors cause eye protrusion in a forward direction. The eyelids and conjunctiva becomes swollen. Inflammation of the cornea often occurs. Progressive pressure causes congestion behind the eye. The eye globe stops moving in tandem with the uneffected eye. There is usually no pain with this disorder. These tumors are usually malignant and fast spreading. It affects the bony eye orbital structure. To improve the chances of survival, removal of the eye is recommended.

corneal tumor

Corneal Eye Tumor Dog



Corneal eye tumor are uncommon. They occur on the surface of the cornea and can be confused with keratoconjunctivits. The tumors occur in deep corneal tissues as well. Treatment includes laser photocoagulation, cryopathy, and sclear grafts. If the tumor has matured, removal of the eye may be required.

Uveal melanoma in the dog

Uveal Melanoma



A melanoma is clinically characterized by malignant growth of melanocytes, cells that are dark in appearance due to the inclusion of the melanin pigment. Uveal melanomas arise from the front of the iris˙ surface then extend to the ciliary body and choroid. They are flat and diffuse. Uveal melanomas are the most common primary intraocular neoplasm in dogs. They are usually benign and unilateral, affecting the anterior uvea most often, but they can become cancerous and spread from the bloodstream to other parts of the body. Choroidal melanomas rarely metastasize. Management rather than surgery is indicated unless the size of the mass quickly increases, the mass spreads within the eye and visual function is impaired, or the tumor spreads outside of the eye.


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