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This is an overall look at alternative treatments for cancer. See individual cancers for more specific treatments for each particular cancer.

Please research each treatment thoroughly and discuss such with your holistic veterinarian or naturopath.

This is an ongoing project, please, keep checking back for more content.



This portion of the website is devoted to alternative treatments for canine cancer. These are graphic images of the canid. Please be aware of this as you visit this portion of the site. Overall treatments for cancer are listed with individual differences listed for each disease process.

Alternative Treatments for Cancer



With any holistic treatment, the foundation of good health is diet. Switch your dog to an all natural diet with a high protein content.

Do not vaccinate a dog with cancer. Do not apply harmful chemicals such as flea treatments or expose dog to household cleaners or garden pesticides.

Herbal Treatments for Cancer




1. Artemisinin works best against phlegm nodule tumors. Dose with 50 mg twice twice a day for 30 pounds and under, 100 mg twice a day for dogs 30 to 100 lbs, and 200 mg twice per day for dogs over 100 lbs. Give for 11 days, stop for 3, restart for 11 days in 3 days off cycles.

2. Maitake, Shiitake, Reishi and Cordyceps mushrooms supplement to strengthen the immune system.

3. Astragalus strengthens the immune system.

4. Echinacea strengthens the immune system.

5. Aloe mucopolysaccharides strengthens the immune system.

6. Green tea polyphenols strengthens the immune system.

7. Curcumin minimizes oxidative stress and destroys free radicals.

8. Milk Thistle detoxes the liver.

9. Cats Claw is an antioxidant and adaptogen. For small dogs give 10 drops of liquid formula twice daily, for medium to large, give one 500 mg capsule twice daily, for giant dogs, give two 500 mg tablets twice daily. Give on an empty stomach.

10. Essiac Tonic has become widely known for its remarkable ability to boost the immune system and detoxify the body.

Vitamins and other Supplements for Cancer




1. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system.

2. Resveratrol minimizes oxidative stress and destroys free radicals.

3. Quercitin minimizes oxidative stress and destroys free radicals.

4. Vitamin D is important for the paracrine regulation of cell differentiation and function.

5. Vitamin E minimizes oxidative stress and destroys free radicals.

6. Omega-3 inhibits new blood vessel growth.

7. Shark Cartilage. Give one gram per fifteen pounds of body weight on an empty stomach.

8. Superoxide Dismutase protects oxygen-metabolizing cells against harmful effects of superoxide free-radicals. Give 6 tablets daily to small dogs and 8 to 10 daily for large dogs. Give on an empty stomach.

Homeopathy Treatments for Cancer




1. Apis mellifica is a good remedy for alleviating stinging pains with marked soreness and edema of the affected part. Aggravation occurs in the afternoon. Use this remedy if tongue appears scalded.

2. Arsenicum album is indicated in malignancies with extreme difficulty in swallowing. The dog is restless with marked exhaustion. It is indicated in any form of tumor, be it cancer or not.

3. Baryta carbonica is indicated in fatty tumors appearing here and there over the body.

4. Baryta iodide is indicated for hard cancerous tumors of the breast. Ovarian tumors with a scrofulous taint.

5. Bromine is sometimes useful for mammary cancer.

6. Calcarea fluorica is indicated for stony hard glands of the breasts. The breasts feel knotted with deep seated indurated glands that threaten to suppurate. This homeopathic remedy for cancer is most useful for knots, kernels, or hardened lumps in the female breast, accompanied with indurated glands of stony hardness; the enlargements may occur in the fasciae. It will prevent the development of cancer, and should be considered always in the cases where the breasts present suspicious lumps.

7. Cuprum aceticum allays the distressing vomiting in carcinoma.

8. Carbo animalis is indicated for mammary cancer where the gland indurated in little nodes. These nodes are hard as stone with the skin appearing bluish and mottled. Axillary glands are swollen and painful. It is also indicated for Cancer of the cervix, with thin offensive discharge from the vagina.

10. Carcinosin is the remedy when there is a strong history of carcinoma in the family history. Indicated in breast cancer with great pain and hardening of the breasts.

11. Conium maculatum is indicated in tumors with tearing pains at night. The dog has chronic ulcers with fetid discharges. This usually occurs in old age and in dogs that have never been bred. There is great hardness of the infiltrated glands. It is usually proscribed at the 30th potency. I irritability is characteristic.

12. Condurango is indicated in cancerous fissures in corners of mouth, strictures of esophagus, and cancer of stomach. Many cases have improved under the Ix potency. In open cancer and cancerous ulcers, it modifies the pain. Bernstein believes the field of this remedy to be in epithelioma, especially in open and ulcerated types. He recommends the 6x potency, and has had remarkable results from its use.

13. Hecla lava is indicated in bone cancers where bones become spongy.

14. Hydrastis canadensis is the remedy for tumors in the breast with retracted nipples and cancerous formations on skin that is very unhealthy. This is indicated for old dogs with severe debility. It is useful for epithelioma and uterine cancer. With glandular tumors of the breast it allays the pain, retards the growth, and improves generally.

15. Iodine is indicated for cancer of the uterus, with profuse haemorrhage. There is aggravation from warmth and excessive hunger.

16. Kali sulphuricum has cured cases of facial epithelioma.

17. Lapis albus is indicated for cancer of the breasts, presenting with retraction of the nipple. It is of signal use in many cases of goiter and diseases of the uterus where the discharges are black and offensive with intense burning pains all through the diseased part.

18. Phosphorous is fungoid and bleeding growths and fungal haematodes.

19. Phytolacca decandra has a tendency to fat formation, and may prove useful in fatty tumors as well as in hard, painful nodosities in the breast. It is indicated for cancers of the breast when the tumors is hard, painful, and purple. It acts as an absorbent in fibroid tumors of the uterus.

20. Plumbum iodatum is indicated for inflamed, indurated masses in the breast which develops slowly. The tumors are hard with an unchangeable characteristic that develop slowly.

21. Radium bromatum is useful to treat carcinoma affecting skin after exposure to the element radium. It is also used for treatment of epithelioma. It is useful in the abnormal blood conditions which tend toward cancer and which always precede it. It is useful when used with the pre-growth manifestations of cancer when there are symptoms such as aching pains, itching over the body, and pains resembling chronic arthritis. The dog exhibits apprehension. They are mentally tired and irritable. They may exhibit pimples on the skin and spots which itch and burn. The dogs are restlessness and have flatulence and constipation. The 30th potency is as low as it should be used. We can never be certain whether a patient has not been subjected in some unknown way to radium emanations and by giving the remedy in the lower strengths we may add to the trouble. A recent finding of the New York Health Department (April, 1932) says : ´In regions where radio-active minerals were mined an increased incidence of cancer, especially of cancer of the lungs, had been noted.ˇ It also condemned the use of so-called radium waters as elements of danger. A study of the ´cancerinique˙ or pregrowth symptoms will give positive information as to the approach of this disease, and positive indications for the remedies that should be used to prevent the same.

22. Silicea terra will often abate the pains of cancer. Lupus and sarcoma with a thick yellow and offensive discharge are indicative of this remedy.

23. Thuja is indicated for spongy tumors. It is a remedy for polypoid growths in the nose and ears. The epithelial variety of cancer, and cauliflower excrescences would seem to correspond to this remedy. Dr. Helmuth also considered Thuja as a valuable remedy in sarcoma. Palpillomata also comes within its field.

Acupuncture for Cancer




See attached documents.

Cancer Diets




We do not recommend any specific diet except that it be all natural, "real" food, not processed dog foods.

See attached documents.

Other Suggestions




Create a more alkaline pH balance in the body to inhibit cancer growth.





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